Taye Studio Maple Stage Series 5-piece Drum Kt with Hardware Pack C & Cases in Victoria, British Columbia for sale


Taye Studio Maple This kit is crafted from specially selected North American sugar maple. The maple shells erupt in an optimum blend of highs, lows, and mids, which makes this series the pinnacle of Taye's drum product line.
The shells are thin and resonant, made from fine maple veneers, cross laminated and moulded using state-of-the-art techniques, as well as rigid and durable. They promote low fundamental tones, with superb attack and blossoming of mid frequencies. Everything from the bearing edge to the suspension mounts conspires to make Studio Maple drums among the world's finest instruments.
Taye Studio Maple Stage Series 5-Piece Drum Shell Pack Features
* 100% specially selected North American sugar maple
* Lacquer Golden Amber finish
* Shells 10" through 15" are 6-ply, 4.5mm thick
* Shells 16" through 24" are 7-ply, 5.3mm thick
* Snare 14" is 10-ply, 7.5 mm thick
* Suspension Rings for toms
* Slide Track tom mounts for bass drum
* Pocket Hinge Bracket
* Articulated Claw Hook
* 2.3mm tom hoops.
* 24" x 18" bass drum
* 10" x 8-1/2" rack tom
* 12" x 9" rack tom
* 14" x 16" floor tom
* 14" x 7" snare drum
Hardware Pack "C"
Taye Drums 5000 series hardware provide you with heavy duty support at an affordable price. These heavy stands are proven road warriors that can take your beatings night after night.
* 1 HH5000, Hi-Hat Stand, Double Braced, Tension Adjustment
* 1 CS5300, Cymbal Stand, Double Braced, 2 Section
* 1 SS5000BT, Snare Stand, Double Braced, Ball Tilt
* 1 PSK501C, Bass Drum Pedal, Dual Chain Drive (NO PLATE)
* 2 BS5300, Boom Stands, Double Braced, 3 Section
Kit includes Hard Shell Cases for all drums.
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