Need Sound at Your Wedding? (Victoria) in Victoria, British Columbia for sale


If you need a sound system/man for your wedding, I am your guy! My name is Rod and I am in a local band that does a lot of touring. Over the past 3 years we've bought quite a bit of gear so we can be self sufficient on the road. In the past, I've used our gear to help friends with sound at their weddings, but then it struck me. Why not offer this service up to the general public and make a little money? So that's what I am doing.
I have the following:
-1 Yorkville 800 Watt, 10 input mixer
-2 Yorkville 400 Watt speakers - With speaker stands
-1 SM-58 Beta Wireless Microphone - Great for the MC. He can walk around while he uses it. High quality mic that I perform with.
-2 Yorkville monitors - So you can hear yourself from behind the main speakers
-Cable to connect an MP3 player or Laptop to the system to bump tunes
-All the necessary cables to run everything
-Mic stands + extra mics if you need em
-1 Chrysler Neon - To transport all this gear
*If you aren't planning on having a band, then that should be everything you could possibly need. If you think of something else you need, let me know and we'll see what we can do.
Other Important Things to Note:
-I will stay near the soundboard at all times, stay sober, and make sure you don't have to worry about the sound on your wedding day
-From being in a band, I know how annoying it can be when things don't sound the way you want. I'll take the time to make things as perfect as possible. And I'm totally open to feedback! Please feel free to make suggestions if things don't sound the way you want them. This day is about you, not me.
-I am happy to make a playlist for you. Just tell me the songs you want, I'll download them all and make sure it's good to go on the big day. This service is totally FREE. The only catch, I don't have any standard wedding music or playlists already so if you don't tell me the songs you want, I won't have them. But that's only until I build up a wedding library with your help!
-I will come clean, rested and well dressed
-With a little coaxing, I will rip it up on the dance floor
$30/h - This is unbelievable price. If you book before May 31st, the set up/tear down (1h total) is on the house. Let's say you need me for a reception from 4pm - 2am. Even with my set up/tear down you're only looking at $300!!!
My only fear is that people will think I must suck because the rates are so low. Truth is, my rent is low and this isn't my only source of income. I also really love weddings. They are so positive and you meet so many cool people. If you're interested in this service, feel free to call or email me!
Thanks for taking the time to read this,
Rod Campbell
PS. If you're curious and want to check out my band, head here -> I'm the keyboard player so you can find out what I look like if you want.
Location: Victoria

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